Math Assessment Portal

The mathematics assessment process is required of all incoming students and is designed to help you identify the mathematics courses that best suit your mathematical level. The process involves up to two steps:
  1. You complete an online questionnaire about previous mathematics coursework. Many, but not all, students have their placement identified through this step.
  2. Some students fall on a borderline placement and are asked to take an assessment on relevant mathematics content. No preparation is expected, and in fact a "best on-the-spot effort" is desirable. Students who take an assessment have their placement identified through the completion of this assessment.

You will have your placement level at the conclusion of this process. You will also receive a set of appropriate courses to consider in the advising and schedule-building process. Students having questions about their assessment results should consult with their advisor or contact mathematics professors Dr. Mark Mills at or Dr. Russ Goodman at

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